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hello all! I've recently started reading the sayers novels and have sort of, fallen in love with Lord Peter Wimsey. I always love charming, snarky detectives. I've also watched the lovely 80's sayers adaptation, but haven't had a chance to watch the classic 70's one. I hope more people discover the wonderful series of books and DVDs. I suppose we're do for another adaptation, but who would play Wimsey these days? Anyway, just dropping in to say 'hello' and hope more people join soon!
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Introductory Post

Well, I hope someone (at least one) reads this.

I've been a huge fan of Lord Peter Wimsey (and rabid Peter/Harriet shipper) since I first read the books when I was about fourteen. My favorite books of the series are Gaudy Night, Murder Must Advertise, Busman's Honeymoon, and Clouds of Witness (for Parker/Mary shipping).

I thought author Connie Willis (To Say Nothing of the Dog, Doomsday Book) made an interesting point when she said that Sayers wasn't trying to write great detective novels, but write a great love story instead. I'm not sure that's it, but I think it hits at the way Sayers brought psychological and emotional realism into her work which is absent from most of her contemporaries.

Perhaps reviews of each book would garner some discussion? Hopefully?

Oh, and while I enjoyed Thrones, Dominations (though I totally can tell most of the additions/completions), I loathed a Presumption of Death (clumsy and derivative and disrespectful to the culture and original work).

So, anyone here?
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Fic: The Bechdel Test: Iteration Two: Honoria, Harriet, Hilary

Title: The Bechdel Test: Iteration Two: Honoria, Harriet, Hilary
Summary: Peter gets a little annoyed when he’s upstaged at his own wedding by three women whose meeting doesn’t even make any sense
Characters: Honoria Wimsey, Peter Wimsey, Harriet Vane, Hilary Thorpe
Rated: G
Notes: Because this seriously needs to have happened. This is my first Peter Wimsey fic so I’d rather not be killed (Iteration One was a Doctor Who fic). Also, Sayers likes her Hs, doesn’t she?