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murderssoeasy's Journal

A Lord Peter Wimsey Community
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Peter, Harriet, Parker, Bunter, the books, and their creator.
This is a community dedicated to the Lord Peter Wimsey mystery novels of Dorothy L. Sayers and the rich world in which they take place. In order of publication, the novels are:

Whose Body?
Clouds of Witness
Unnatural Death
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
Strong Poison
The Five Red Herrings
Have His Carcase
Murder Must Advertise
The Nine Tailors
Gaudy Night
Busman's Honeymoon

These take place between 1922 and 1936, and (a bit unusually for a mystery series) the characters age in real time. This is the order in which the books should be read, although it's unclear whether The Nine Tailors is supposed to take place just after Strong Poison or just before Gaudy Night.

This comm should, in an ideal case, focus on character discussion and fic (two things in which Wimsey fandom, such as it is, is severely lacking).

Your mod has rushed into this, as he's only about two-thirds of the way through The Nine Tailors, but he hopes to attract other mods who know their way around better than he does.

I'm not sure who made the default icon. If you are, please let me know.

Damn, I hope this gets off the ground...